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Autumn Rains, Fallen Leaves, a Few Quotes About Fall — a Short Video

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

With summer now passed, temperatures are cooler and rainfall is more common. Local woodlands are deserted with the rain, but colors are saturated under the gray skies and wet conditions so it is a wonderful time to look for compositions (and mushrooms!). No photographs were taken this day, but the sound of slow but steady rain on the fallen leaves was calming, and I enjoyed my outing. Back home, I put together a brief video of that day and coupled a few video clips with sayings about autumn. Not my thoughts exactly, but nice sentiments.

I used many of the same quotes in another video of fall for a blog in Iris Arts. However, since that website is geared to the healthcare audience, my choice of leaves was different—more colorful, cheerful.

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