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Layer Cake Photo Workshop

The 2024 photo workshop with Bruce Barnbaum was so successful that we'll do it again next year!

Bruce Barnbaum and I decided last year to change the format of our photography workshops. This year, we opted for a more comfortable approach, basing ourselves in a cozy motel on the other side of Boulder Mountain in Torrey, Utah. We led people to several diverse locations in the colorful badlands around Capitol Reef National Park.

Our backpacking trips immersed people in the canyons, allowing them to get to know and photograph them in various lighting conditions. Being motel-based and traveling in 4WD vehicles permitted us to visit and photograph several fascinating locations. Furthermore, once we were back at the motel, we could process images taken in the field and share them with the group for feedback and further instruction.

Next year's workshop will be at the end of April 2025. For details, and to sign up, please see Bruce Barnbaum's website here.

Rapidly moving clouds created alternating sun and shade on an otherworldly landscape. Photo: © Donald J. Rommes

Clay cliffs overlook eroded clay seas at midday. Photo: © Donald J. Rommes

Stony waves on a sea of clay. Photo: © Donald J. Rommes

In the arid environment of Capitol Reef, a rainstorm softens the light and saturates the greens of the cottonwoods. Photo: © Donald J. Rommes



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