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Project Update

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Early, vague thoughts about how to proceed on the Comb Ridge project have become somewhat clearer over the past month.

Cave with structures in Comb Ridge. Photo: © Donald J. Rommes.

In the past 30-40 days, I have been using the BOOK section of Lightroom to select and sequence the B&W photos for a proposed Blurb book on Comb Ridge. Most of the photos have been selected, and nearly all the captions have been written, but I am still struggling with the introduction—the WHY of the book.

I also realize I have a couple gaps in my coverage of Comb Ridge—gaps I hope to fill during my upcoming trip to Bears Ears in September. My proposed itinerary includes not only re-visiting sites in and along Comb Ridge, but also visiting some places I have never seen, but are nonetheless part of the Monument.

Writing the captions was relatively straightforward. Writing the introduction is challenging. Writing it well is especially difficult—I am still working on it. Perhaps this solo trip will give me the opportunity to reflect further on the impetus for and meaning of this project and the time to get the words right—or at least better.

Meanwhile, over the next several weeks, I'll use this blog to describe some of the places I visited. There should be some video and photos as well.


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