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Too Good to be True

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

River crossings and a moderate hike lead to a lovely, abstract scene of the Chetco River. But how closely does the photograph represent the reality? Does it matter?

Chetco River with submerged grasses and algae in summer. Photo: © Donald J. Rommes

Every once in a while, I'll come across a scene with such lovely forms, patterns, and colors that it resembles an intentional abstract by a painter. But it's not; it's real.

I love that quality; that tension, when you recognize the abstract you are looking at is a photograph of something real. Once appreciated, the image then seems to oscillate between abstract and reality and can be appreciated on both levels.

That duality, or ambiguity, creates interest and a bit of mystery, in my opinion. That sort of image doesn't really fit in the vetted galleries of Iris Arts, but we now have a section called Corporate Art where out more abstract nature scenes can be found.

Enjoy the video of this relatively short hike alongside a wild and scenic river and see the place this photo was made.


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