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Upcoming: Escalante Canyons Photography Workshop!

Back after a long, two-year Covid-related hiatus, the annual llama-assisted backpacking photography workshop with Bruce Barnbaum will again take place. Scheduled for the last week of April 2022, we will spend five days exploring Fence, Choprock, and Neon canyons. Attendance is strictly limited, so the workshop fills up quickly. More information on the workshop and how to enroll can be found here.

"Golden Cathedral" alcove ceiling in Neon Canyon. Photo: © Donald J. Rommes

For nearly two decades, Bruce Barnbaum and I have been a offering an annual photography workshop into the Escalante Canyons. The workshop is unique in that it offers a comparatively safe and comfortable way to explore and photograph remote canyons in the company of two very qualified instructors and a small number of other like-minded photographers.

For nearly twenty years, we have used the same trusted and highly experienced outfitter and llama wrangler to carry our non-photography gear to a base camp whose location varies annually. Guests are free to hike to camp with only their photography equipment and what they need for the day.

This year, we will be camped in the vicinity of both Choprock and Neon canyons for five days. All our meals are prepared for us; we sleep in comfortable sleeping bags and tents; we are guided to great locations in the canyons where we can spend all day exploring and photographing. The evenings are spent comfortably seated at camp. After dinner, experiences are shared, questions are answered, and the conversation often (but not always) revolves around photography.

For the student, the main appeal of the workshop is the comfortable, guided access to remote and colorful canyons. The focus of the instructors (Bruce and myself) is on helping each student move closer to their personal goals in photography. Many students prefer to be on their own during the day, but with a student/instructor of only 4/1, any desired assistance is usually close by.

This year, I plan to take some videos of our outing and share some of that on line. Who knows? Maybe my little "home video" will inspire you to sign up for next year's workshop!

A bleached cottonwood log is wedged in the narrows of Choprock canyon. Photo: © Donald J. Rommes

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