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E-Book (PDF)

148 pages

June 2024


This book is an introduction, by region, to the landscape and cultural treasures of Bears Ears National Monument. It is the E-book version of the softcover book sold in the Monument's Visitor Centers and has identical content. 


Since I am a photographer, the book is a visual introduction. I am not a geologist, but relevant information on geology has made it into the text and captions. I am not an archaeologist, but a renowned expert on the ancestral Puebloan people contributed the cultural timeline and a section on archaeological resources to the book. I am not a Native American and cannot presume to speak for people whose ancestors — the original North Americans — were connected to this land for millennia.


Any expertise I may have derives from decades of lugging a camera and tripod — on foot — over much of what is now Bears Ears National Monument. All the book’s photographs came from those perambulations. But stories also came from these explorations — many of which I share in the captions. These experiences were unique to me and naturally and inevitably influenced

my feelings about the place.


This book is thus a visual introduction to the Monument — one literally and figuratively seen through my lens — and one that is unavoidably and unrepentantly biased. In other words, I am showing you a region-based selection of the artifacts and places that resonated with me on my hikes — things I found interesting and attractive.


I hope you will agree.


Donald J. Rommes

Bears Ears — A Visual Introduction

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