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In the fall of 2021, the original boundaries of Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument (and a bit more) were restored by President Biden after its size had been cut in half (47%) by President Trump in an unprecedented act. To commemorate Biden's decision and for my enjoyment, I decided to self-publish a hardcover book on a portion of the monument—the Escalante Canyons. Soon after publication, in response to several requests, I agreed to make the content available online so others could come to know this remote and wonderful place. Only the cover (shown in the accompanying image) is omitted from this E-book version of the hardcover book.


I have explored these lovely remote canyons for much of my adult life. They have a lot to teach us about the natural world, life on the planet, time, and ourselves. But perhaps the most helpful lesson I have learned concerns the roles of nature and solitude in fostering physical and mental well-being, clarity of thought, cognitive improvement, and creativity.


With this book, I briefly examine places I found visually interesting during my time in the canyons. What is missing, of course, is the canyon experience and the mental and physical benefits of being alone in nature. That I must leave to you.

Escalante Canyons — A 40-Year Infatuation

SKU: GS1002
  • This E-book is made from a hardcover self-published book of the same title. Because of formatting issues, the front and back covers of the self-published book were omitted from the E-book, but the rest of the content is identical. The E-book is being made available free with the use of the Promo Code FreePDF when ordering.

    101 Pages

    47 Photographs

  • Click here if you are interested in a physical book. I have made the hardcover version of my Ebook available from Blurb at cost. 

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