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Double Stack Site

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Recent modifications may help preserve the site, but come at a cost

On my recent trip back to Comb Ridge, I re-visited Double Stack site—named for 2 sets of structures, one above the other. The higher of the two is well-protected, sitting as it does atop a high ledge, inaccessible without a very tall ladder.

The lower site contains remnants of several structures at ground level. There is a kiva, several room blocks or granaries, and one free standing wall—all that remains of a two story structure.

From the lower portion of Double Stack site, a robust log fence now surrounds the deteriorating structures. Video and commentary by Don Rommes

Recently, a fence has been placed around the lower site to direct visitors' path through the site. There is no instruction or interpretation provided, and the logic and effectiveness of the fence is not obvious. As much as I would like to see sites protected, I was left with the impression that all this fence did was to degrade the beauty of the site.

A couple of years earlier, I photographed the same site, without the fence. Not only is this a more compelling scene visually, but the illusion of "discovering" an ancient site is very real. That illusion is destroyed and, in my opinion, the site demeaned by the presence of the fence.

Could this sort of thing be in store for other site in Comb Ridge? Perhaps my project is more timely than I thought.

Pre-fence photo of the same site. Photo: © Donald J. Rommes


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