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Finding and Visiting a Remote Site in Bears Ears National Monument

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Many of the lesser-known sites in Bears Ears National Monument can be found simply by hiking on the rims of remote canyons and looking. That's easier said than done. Knowing where to look helps.

This short video illustrates the challenge and strategy involved in finding a remote site while reminding the viewer to visit with respect.

Bears Ears National Monument was created to protect the ancient cultural treasures—structures, rock art, and artifacts—of this high desert landscape. Most of the thousands of archaeological sites are unreconstructed and in their original, natural environment. Many remote sites are a challenge to reach but rewarding to visit.

In a remote site, this small and inaccessible structure is easily missed. Photo: © Donald J. Rommes

Given their remoteness, there is little supervision of visitors. This is a large part of both the Monument's appeal and challenge To preserve the sites, everyone needs to exercise great caution and restraint when visiting.

This blog post briefly addresses the ethics of visitation, but these short videos from Friends of Cedar Mesa elaborate on how to visit the sites and landscape.

We also recommend a stop at the Edge of the Cedars Museum before your visit to any sites for a fascinating introduction to the people who created the sites.


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