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A Short Hike Up Death Hollow

Updated: May 21, 2020

A ruggedly beautiful canyon in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Death Hollow is not the easiest to hike, or the easiest hike to reach. This video/slide show introduces the viewer to the lower part of the canyon.

Lower Death Hollow. Video/slide show © Donald J. Rommes.

One of the longest tributaries of the Escalante River, Death Hollow is a steep=walled and well-watered canyon in the Navajo Sandstone. It is located between Escalante and Boulder, but despite it's relative proximity, is not easy to get to from either town.

Death Hollow has a perennial stream that flows directly on the sandstone of the narrow canyon floor. Because the stream banks are choked with vegetation—especially poison ivy—hiking is largely in the water. And while mostly shallow, the stream has numerous deep potholes and pools in tight narrows that make for a very challenging trip.

Yet because of the wonderful quality of light bouncing off canyon walls and reflecting from the shallow water, there are plenty of things to photograph. For more images of Death Hollow, check out the Death Hollow image gallery here:


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